What You Need To Know About Sewing Needles

I learned to sew back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth-yes it's a little known fact that dinosaurs had opposable thumbs and sewing machines. Singer sewing machines in fact. Big ones with needles like in the video above.

In all seriousness-I have been sewing for a long time and I learned a lot about needles in this video. When I was young I used to throw all caution to the wind and sew over pins (gasp!) and only changed my needles when I broke them doing something boneheaded. Don't worry, I long ago changed my ways and now practice good needle handling.


Author: Nancy

I have done many crafts over the years. The very first, when I was a wee girl was sewing and that obsession has returned with gusto. I tend to dive into the deep water and work in one area intensively for months. My most current obsession is quilting.