Quilt As You Go Kitchen Mitts

                        Quilt as you go double oven glove

How To Design Your Own Quilt Blocks For Machine Embroidery with Quilt As You Go Method. Part 1

This is obviously one of the oddest looking oven mitts right? Well it is designed to loop over your oven handle when “resting” and your hands are slipped into the gloves on either end when in use.

double kitchen mitt
Double kitchen mitt hanging on stove.

This mitt was designed by me starting with  Premier +2 digitizing software  for machine embroidery. I used the Quilt Block Assistant wizard which really made the process easy.  I then machine embroidered each block using a quilt as you go method by putting the batting and backing  in the hoop before embroidering. After that I added the sashing and borders and made the mitts and attached them.

My next post will be on how to use the Quilt Block Assistant. Stay tuned…

Double Sewing Teacher Certifications!

I am now, in addition to being certified as a Martha Pullen Beginning Sewing Teacher, I am also a certified BurdaStyle Sewing teacher.


embroidered jacket
BurdaStyle 109 Jacket

Above is a picture of the last project that I did for BurdaStyle.

The pattern is for a cropped jacket, but I wanted something a bit longer so I added to the length of the jacket, front and back, as well as my usual need to lengthen the sleeves to accommodate my longer than average arms.

The embroidery was done before assembling the jacket and is from the Premier +2 software that I use for machine embroidery.

Jacket Embroidery

Here’s a picture of the jacket inside out so the lining is viewable.

jacket lining
Jacket inside out