Guess Where I Just Visited

Mount Rushmore

Yes, I got to sneak in a visit to Mt. Rushmore. I flew into Rapid City, SD to teach 2 classes there. I then needed to drive  5 hours to Bismarck, ND, to teach 2 more classes, so I took a quick trip to visit this incredible monument. It is really breath taking and an amazing accomplishment. Here’s a link to info about the history of the park. For example, did you ever wonder why those 4 presidents? Or how long the monument took to construct?

Walking path

Some of the walking paths were closed, since it was early in the season and right after a huge snow storm. Even with the paths closed it was worth the trip. Warning-there is not much around that area besides the tourist town of Keystone. There are a number of small amusement type venues that kids seem to love. You know the types of places-kids love them and  parents feel like they must have been very bad in past life to have to spend more than 5 minutes there.

That corner of SD is ranching country so lots of wide open spaces and you certainly don’t want to put off filling your car with gas as the next gas station (or anything besides a solitary house) may be more than 100 miles up the road. 

It was an interesting trip, with the visit to Mt. Rushmore and I taught a class in the town of Buffalo, SD, population 380! It was a great group of hardy gals and I may be showing my bias, but they were some of the nicest students I have had the pleasure of having in my class.

I also taught a class in Rapid City and the sponsor of the class- Anne from Quilt Connections bought me a roasted carrot tahini grain bowl from the Great Harvest Bread Co. restaurant, which was delicious. Other than that meal, healthy food was a bit of a challenge until I got to Bismarck. However, Bismarck has a small food co-op called BisMans and I was able to get the salad bar there with a tasty tofu dish on the side.

In Bismarck, I taught 2 classes at J& R Vacuum and Sewing. Cindy and Jim are the owners and they are wonderful people that are very involved in the local food bank, donating both their time and a percentage of their store profits. 

Sewing Tip

I love these bobbin holders for storing my bobbins.

However for times when I just need to bring one or 2, these small hair bands work great for keeping the bobbins from unwinding in my bag.

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I have done many crafts over the years. The very first, when I was a wee girl was sewing and that obsession has returned with gusto. I tend to dive into the deep water and work in one area intensively for months. My most current obsession is quilting.

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