Embroidered Clutch and Vegan Food At O’Hare

Embroidered clutch

I just whipped up this little clutch this weekend. The textured effect is from using Inspira Fabric Magic Stabilizer. Once the embroidery is done, hit it with some steam with your iron and the Fabric Magic shrinks 30%, giving the texture. The lines of sewing stitches were brought into embroidery and all stitched out in the hoop before steaming the bag.

Inside of clutch with magnetic snap

I added Inspira In-r-form to give shape and form to the body of the clutch.

Vegan Travel

Lunch at O’Hare

On my way to SD recently I had a layover at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Airports are a bit challenging for the vegan traveler. I was flying on United so that tells you which part of the airport I searched for something for lunch. I finally found Cibo Express . I purchased a hummus and veggie sandwich with a side of hummus and veggies. Comical right? My experience with hummus sandwiches is that most places smear it on thinly like butter and that’s just not enough for me. Great Barrington Bagel where I live is the exception. They are not stingy with the hummus and consequently make a good hummus sandwich. But back to Cibo Express and my sandwich there. True to form the hummus was just a sad smear but the bread was fresh and there was about 2″ of veggies. It was just right with the addition of the extra hummus.

Author: Nancy

I have done many crafts over the years. The very first, when I was a wee girl was sewing and that obsession has returned with gusto. I tend to dive into the deep water and work in one area intensively for months. My most current obsession is quilting.