Embroidered Clutch and Vegan Food At O’Hare

Embroidered clutch

I just whipped up this little clutch this weekend. The textured effect is from using Inspira Fabric Magic Stabilizer. Once the embroidery is done, hit it with some steam with your iron and the Fabric Magic shrinks 30%, giving the texture. The lines of sewing stitches were brought into embroidery and all stitched out in the hoop before steaming the bag.

Inside of clutch with magnetic snap

I added Inspira In-r-form to give shape and form to the body of the clutch.

Vegan Travel

Lunch at O’Hare

On my way to SD recently I had a layover at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Airports are a bit challenging for the vegan traveler. I was flying on United so that tells you which part of the airport I searched for something for lunch. I finally found Cibo Express . I purchased a hummus and veggie sandwich with a side of hummus and veggies. Comical right? My experience with hummus sandwiches is that most places smear it on thinly like butter and that’s just not enough for me. Great Barrington Bagel where I live is the exception. They are not stingy with the hummus and consequently make a good hummus sandwich. But back to Cibo Express and my sandwich there. True to form the hummus was just a sad smear but the bread was fresh and there was about 2″ of veggies. It was just right with the addition of the extra hummus.

Hope Springs Eternal-I’m Taking a Stab At This Blogging Thang Again

My News

After much long neglect, I have decided to once again try this thing called blogging. If nothing else it will be good for me to keep track of my travels teaching for SVP Sewing Brands (Singer-Viking-Pfaff). I will try to add some sewing tip/info to each post. So far this year I have been to Indiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Tennessee. Also I would like to keep track of where I have found healthy, whole food, plant based foods. This is to help other travelers (and myself for future visits to those places). Small towns and airports are often especially challenging.Road Warrior Healthy Eating Tips
My general strategy once I land is to find a Whole Foods or other large  health food store. If they have prepared foods as Whole Foods does, I get dinner to go. If not then it is often a crap shoot/challenge. Ethnic restaurants are sometimes the best choice, but they also often utilize too much oil in their cooking. Steamed dishes at a chinese restaurant, mexican food, hold the cheese & meat, and Thai foods are usually available in even small towns.

When All Else Fails

Since I teach full day classes I bring a shaker bottle with a pea based protein powder,  mixed with dried greens to my classes. I then add cold water at lunch time. I get these powders at my husband’s chiropractic office. I also bring a container of ground flax seeds to add to my oatmeal that I have almost every morning at the hotels’ buffet breakfasts.

My shaker bottle go to’s.

Sewing Tip

Did you know that you could do machine appliqué circles and decorative stitches with a simple attachment? Take a look at this video using my Designer Epic sewing machine in sewing mode. Many brands of sewing machines have these optional attachments.

Circle play on my Designer Epic with the Circular Attachment. Yes the circles practically sew themselves. #husqvarnaviking #designerepic #nancybronsteinsews #applique #ilovered

Posted by Nancy Bronstein on Friday, February 1, 2019

What You Need To Know About Sewing Needles

I learned to sew back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth-yes it's a little known fact that dinosaurs had opposable thumbs and sewing machines. Singer sewing machines in fact. Big ones with needles like in the video above.

In all seriousness-I have been sewing for a long time and I learned a lot about needles in this video. When I was young I used to throw all caution to the wind and sew over pins (gasp!) and only changed my needles when I broke them doing something boneheaded. Don't worry, I long ago changed my ways and now practice good needle handling.