Mystery Quilt

I have a couple of sewing friends (friends that share my love of sewing). We decided to try our hand at making a mystery quilt. For those of you, not in the know with quilt jargon, a mystery quilt is one where the pattern maker walks you through constructing a quilt, block by block, and what the finished product looks like remains hidden until the final reveal at the end. Since I did not know if I would like said mystery quilt, I used only fabrics from my stash. Which I feel worked out well. However the pattern I chose was for a double/queen size. I just ran with that not looking at the actual dimensions. Sigh. 64 X 64″ on our queen bed looks like a tiny yarmulke on a big man’s head-like you know it has some significance but adding warmth to the head is certainly not happening. I then started to cook up ideas to add both width and length.

quilt border
Mystery Quilt border with embroidery

I decided to do a turquoise strip and a lime green. Then I made some flying geese and alternated them to form this effect which reminds me of a big ribbon. Then another lime green and a turquoise strip.
Today’s task is to get it pin basted to the batting and backing. I got it about 3/4 done and ran out of safety pins. Even though I have about 3000 of them. Another sigh. We live in a small town, we have no quilt shop and our only department store recently went out of business. Maybe the grocery store?
Addendum-The picture above was taken after basting and doing some decorative stitches with size 12 thread.