My First Appliquéd Quilt

Last March I went to the MQX (quilting) expo in Manchester NH. This is an event where thousands of middle aged women and 3 men attend classes on every facet of quilting. Ok, there were maybe 5 men and a few lost husbands wandering around. I took 2 classes from Mark Sherman-one of the 5 men. One of the classes was on making “stained glass” quilts. Mark is a big fan of Louis Tiffany and he has made some incredibly beautiful quilts. The above is the end product from that class (many hours later). Below is the picture that inspired the quilt. This was my first experience doing an appliquéd quilt. I had done reverse appliqué on a coat (ala Alabama Chanin).

Mark is a great teacher. He is warm, funny, and very generous in sharing his knowledge. If you get a chance don’t hesitate to sign up for one of his classes.


-Apliquick-fabric turning video-Applique tool tutorial

-machine applique tutorial- machine applique tutorial

-machine applique video-machine applique video



Starting Over Again

I started a sewing blog a couple of months ago on my old hosting site-JustHost and they have been having technical difficulties for the last 2 months. Yes, it has been 2 months. Consequently I am starting all over again and also learning WordPress along the way. Progress may be slow…